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First of all, thank you to:

  • my 100+ readers
  • all my readers that are on their way to finding me
  • my boyfriend
  • all the people who helped shape me into who I am today
  • all that i have in my life
  • myself

It took me a while to get to 100 of you, but I enjoy doing things slowly. So thank you all for following me and for 100 followers on twitter too.

I started this blog in November 2017, under the site. I decided to go self hosted this year in March. Since then I feel like I found what works best for me in growing my following.

It’s something that shouldn’t matter and it really doesn’t, but if you’re like me and want to blog as a way to get income, then numbers can make a bit of a difference.

Here’s what helped me reach more followers quicker!

 How to get 100 WordPress Followers

100 followers on

Methods that helped grow my following

Finding bloggers similar to me

I’ve been finding people through Instagram, twitter and through the comments section of other blogs I enjoy following. When I find someone with similar interests, hobbies or values, I hit that follow button!

Usually someone similar to you will follow you back, so don’t be shy babes.

Twitter follow trains

I don’t enjoy joining these because it’s usually always required to follow everyone who rt’s and follow the person who made the post, but I’m pretty picky. Follow someone only if you like what they tweet, then you will actually be active and support them and they might support you.

I found some pretty cool people while scrolling through the blogger follow trains (at least I think that’s what they’re called). Give them a try!

5 methods to boost your following
pin this!

Following my mutuals’ following

I checked out who my blogger friends on Instagram follow. You can find so many bloggers on instagram, so check out who your friends are following!


I don’t really go on bloglovin but when I open the app once in a while, I usually have a new follower notification. I already have 45 followers on there, which is strange because I’m not too active on there. Bloglovin’ is honestly a good site for connecting bloggers from other platforms.

Follow me on there if ya haven’t! (link is below)

The #1 method that helped grow my following:

Interacting with others

I noticed that when I comment, rt, or like posts, those bloggers will pretty much always return the favor. I definitely only do this whenever I have the time. If I’m genuinely interested in a post, I will try my best to comment.

Sometimes I do this to get someone’s attention and get a follow back, but I really don’t need you to follow me if you don’t want to!

That’s all I really did to grow my numbers quicker on here and these methods work for most other sites too. I feel it will be easier to grow my following now that I’m at 100, so I’m going to slow my roll because I’m the type of person who is overwhelmed with too much attention.

Thanks for the attention you’re giving me now though, I really appreciate all of you!



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    • Yes I would! There’s tons of bloggers on there.
      I’m not so sure what it’s meant for but I have a feeling it’s to follow bloggers who are on other platforms, like blogspot and squarespace.

  • omgard congrats! a 100! I’m so happy for you 😀

    you deserve every little bit of it – keep doing you girlie and stay awesome x

  • Congrats on 100 followers. You are learning a lot for blogging for a couple of months of doing it! I personally didn’t know what I was doing my first year of blogging lol. I think it’s smart to switch to self hosted in your first year than later.

    • Thanks Jo!
      That’s sweet. Well I learned a tiny bit in college and from being on tumblr a lot ha. I just got a knack for it since I’m always on a computer.
      And I agree! I honestly wish I did it sooner, but I’m glad I did it within a year 🙂

    • Hi! I follow you! and thank you, thats me n my mans lol

      If you’re on wordpress app, you can look up
      I have a follow button on my sidebar, if you’re on mobile, you have to scroll all the way down past my “selfie”!
      If you’re on a laptop or the desktop version on mobile there’s a automatic follow button wordpress adds on every wordpress blog, well most of them. Just be at the top of the webpage so it shows up (arround the bottom right corner)
      I swear you have been following me? Maybe I’m wrong ?

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