Happy B-Day to me + appreciation post! (Blog Party)

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100 followers (b-day) appreciation post

Hello familia. It’s literally a day to celebrate. Why? Well we’re all connected through the internet, and that’s pretty weird. You would have never heard about me if I didn’t make this blog and I too would have never heard of you. It’s really amazing because lots of you aren’t even located in the same country as me!

Also, another reason to celebrate is the fact that I’m turning 23! My birthday’s coming up soon and I’m really sad because I like being at least two years younger than my boyfriend lol Anyways, this post is about my 100 (almost 130) followers!

Blog party, anyone?

The point of this blog post is to show my appreciation to all of you.

I want to make a lil post like this for every few hundred new people who follow me, or if I reach a new follower goal.

So, let’s state some rules for this blog party thing…

Blog party Rules

  • Leave a comment linking to your blog (ex: https://soyvirgo.com). You could introduce your blog and state your niche as well (lifestyle, book blog, etc.)
  • Share this post with your followers or tag some friends so I can check out their blog too!
  • Check out others bloggers! Hopefully you can find your next fav blog through this party thing
  • Don’t feel obligated to follow someone back if you don’t want to, but it’s always nice to leave a comment or just visit their blog when they followed you 🙂

Anyways, I’m going to enjoy life now and probably do something casual, or I might go do karaoke with one pal lol. Getting older is pretty strange when you think about it. Any ’95 babies here?

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