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So ya girl recently started getting serious about job hunting and I finally got a job after about 30 full days of applying and interviewing at some places.

Well, this job is for a professional and you guessed it, I gotta wear cute work clothes of MY choosing. I found these looks below because I wanna get ideas of what to wear to look professional at work, but staying true to my laid back style.

Also, I don’t like to wear heels, or even flats; they’re just too cramped and tiny and…flat. (I did get flats though, they’re so comfy, they’re just not my fav).

Anyways, hope you like this post and these 10 work outfits for sneaker lovers I chose!


10 Work Outfits for Sneaker Lovers



I love how this look is super simple. Since my supervisor wants me to look professional, I most likely wouldn’t wear pants like this, maybe a bit more cleaned up will do. It’s a super effortless look, but you don’t wanna go that effortless! You never know if the boss will come through and you made the horrible mistake of not looking your best.

(My boss isn’t at the location I work at hehe, cool right? I get to work on my own basically)



Image result for kpop girl airport fashion
Courtesy of @soompi

Momo from Twice is basically wearing the outfit I have been searching for. I really need to head to thrift stores to get a decently priced blazer like this one she is wearing. That’s something I’m still missing in my wardrobe right now and it’s definitely needed if you wanna look a lil profesh with some sneakers.



16 Formas Casuales De Usar Un Blazer | Cut & Paste – Blog de Moda



I can imagine myself putting on some basic black sneakers with this outfit. Even though it’s a skirt, sneakers are fine. Come on, not everyone can handle being in heels for more than 4 hours at work! Comfort is key bbs.



JOY — AIRPORT #Joy #ParkJoy #ParkSooyoung #RedVelvet
Couresty of @WNC

Okay so you can’t see the sneaks here but I just know Joy from Red Velvet is wearing sneakers in this image. If she isn’t that’s fine, this kind of look is still perfect to pair with sneakers or even some kind of boots if you’re into that. I would like to try this outfit with some vegan kind of doc martens maybe?






Courtesy of @paintitpink

The look I’m really into right now is black everything. Who am I kidding, I’ve always been into that.

I really love vans though and today (thursday the 16th) I actually wore my puma creepers (?) to work with some pants like the one Jisoo from Blackpink is wearing.

It’s a pretty casual laid back look but I would still wear it, obviously without the hat, let’s just completely ignore that thing.



Calça preta, blazer alongado com estampa xadrez e tênis vans old skool
Courtesy of @elayworld


Blackpinks’ Jennie is such a fashion icon, look at this gal. She’s definitely someone I look up when I wanna get ideas on what to wear next. Jennie’s wearing a matching suit which is something I wanna try to wear one day at work.



pιn : ѕoyvιrgo ♥.·:**:·.♥


Thank you for reading 10 Work Outfits for Sneaker Lovers!

Are you into sneakers for work? What kind of attire are you required to wear at work?

I mean, I guess most of us either have a uniform or basic work attire. When I was job hunting I was looking for work that requires a uniform, but I ended up with this one which is fine. Although, now I feel like I have to spend my paychecks on outfits LOL.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! I have been so busy with getting ready for this new job that I have been responding badly. Hope you guys don’t notice lol ILY ♡♡♡


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