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Are you searching for ways to get closer to your partner?

You might not be sure if they’re the one. Maybe you just want to get to know them more without TELLING them you want to get to know them more? Don’t play hard to get babes, just be open with them!

But if you are trying to be sneaky, you’re in the right place.

These 10 helpful quizzes for couples (that I personally did myself and also sent to my husband) will help you get to know each other better!  

These help me see what my husband truly believes in and how his behavior is. I mean, it’s just a test so communication is best, but sometimes these quizzes start the convo for us. When it comes to personality type quizzes and tests, those ones really help you in finding out more about yourself and your partner! You can get to know someone so well once you find out more about their personality.  

Hope you enjoy these 10 helpful quizzes for couples!  


10 quizzes for couples to try in 2021 |



10 helpful quizzes for couples!


#1 BDSM:

This test will tell you what your kink is (if you have any). This is the first test I sent to my husband and we thought, hey, this is actually helpful and fun! The bdsm test can be very thorough and precise! Just be honest and see what you and your partner are REALLY into.  

#2 Demisexual Test:

This is a straightforward test to take with your partner! It’s a test to find out why you struggle with falling for other people. Do you have to get to know someone in order to have any feelings towards them sexually?  

questions to ask your partner |
margot robbie and will smith bts

#3 5 Love Languages:

Which of the 5 love languages are you and your partner? My results changed from Quality Time to Words of Affection… not sure why so I might take this test again. I don’t really understand this quiz though. Shouldn’t we all strive to give all the love languages? I kind of prefer all except for gift receiving. I don’t really care for getting gifts unless they are really special, not materialistic.    

#4 Are you “Meant to be”:

This tells you if you guys are meant to be or not! (Cheesy, but I got Meant to Be!) If you do enough quizzes and keep getting NOT MEANT TO BE, would you start thinking about your relationship more? I would like to know. I think for me, I would be pretty sad, but luckily in my relationship we have come out to be pretty compatible.  

hyuna and dawn questions to ask your partner
hyuna and dawn (when they were together!!!)

#5 16 Personalities (A.K.A Myers-Briggs):

This is basically a personality quiz. Let’s figure out what kind of personality they have! I got Defender!  

10 helpful quizzes for couples | spiderman far from home zendaya  

#6 The Four Temperaments:

Melancholic, Phlegmatic, Choleric, or Sanguine. I got phlegmatic. This is yet another personality test. Here is more info from the site:

"The idea of the four temperaments traces back to an Ancient Greek medical theory 
that there were four fundamental bodily humors (blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm) 
which could cause illness if they were out of balance. 

The terms sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic were coined by the Greek physician 
Aelius Galenus to describe the effect of these humors on human behavior. 
This idea is perhaps one of the oldest that looks like a theory of personality. 
The four temperaments have never been a part of modern medicine or psychological science, 
but remain fairly well known due to their use by self-help and spirituality authors."

#7 Enneagram:

” The Enneagram is a personality typing system that consists of nine different types”. I’m 2! It’s yet another personality test that is believed to be placed by birth. The 9 types are : 1. The Reformer2. The Helper3. The Achiever4. The IndividualistThe Investigator 5.The Loyalist 6.The Enthusiast 7.The Challenger 8.The Peacemaker


#8 Hogwarts House:

This one is for my nerdy couples! Everyone knows this one! Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw. (You have to sign into the site to get sorted!)   10 helpful quizzes for couples |

#9 Plant Personality:

This is freaking cute! It chooses what type of flower/plant you are.    

#10 Zodiac Compatibility Quiz:

from Buzzfeed (I didn’t get Pisces which my husband is lol) I love seeing if I’m compatible with my husband because I think it’s really fun and actually can be super precise. I mean, the explanation of a virgo is so spot on all the time, and for my husband it’s kind of iffy, but I still like to read up about our signs.

If you want to take more tests you have to check out this site!

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Thanks for reading 10 helpful quizzes for couples! 

Which ones did you try? Are you single and still found use in these quizzes?

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