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11 things i learned from 1 yr blogging
11.16.17 Happy 1 year of blogging! Some of you know I started blogging on November 2017. I transferred all my old posts to a self hosted site under I did this to start making money with ads and all that good capitalism stuff. I learned a few things. Here are the most important ones!

11 things i learned in a year of blogging

11 things I learned in a year of blogging

  1. Paragraphs + images are everything
  2. Numbers are just numbers!
  3. Pinterest is your bff
  4. Everyone’s story is different
  5. spamming is not ok
  6. dont buy, anything!
  7. Health Wealth Love AND Happiness 😉
  8. old posts NEED to be updated
  9. WordPress + Siteground hosting go hand in hand
  10. Have a workflow
  11. Make your email list as fast as you can!
11 things i learned after a year of blogging -
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1.  Paragraphs and images are everything

Comparing my old blog posts and recent ones, you know which ones you would rather take your time to read! Noone likes long paragraphs with no pictures in between, it reminds us of school essays.

2. Numbers are just numbers

My followers have been growing slowly, but even though they are growing, my likes and comments have been the same since before I went self hosted. There’s many bloggers who have thousands of followers but have 1 like or no comments. When it comes to Pinterest, your engagement numbers will mean a lot, while followers don’t mean much at all. In the end they are really just numbers, and you have to find out how to make use of them.

3. Pinterest is your bff

For bloggers like myself who have a hard time getting a high Google rank, pinterest became a bff we never knew we needed. I first used tailwind to try and get more views to my blog. That did work nicely, but money is everything, and tailwind wants to charge you after your free trial ends. So, I suggest after your trial ends, trust in the free site Pinterest! Make use of these free things now!
everyone's story is different

4. Everyone’s story is different

Just because one blogger made $1k their first week blogging, doesn’t mean you will. I made my first $200 blogging after almost 6 months of going self hosted, and others sometimes take a year or more. You can either be more or less successful than another blogger so don’t try your hardest to be like everyone else! Be yourself and be positive and you’ll see opportunities will come to you fast!

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5. Spamming is a no-no

Long story short, I started spamming Pinterest and my monthly views dropped too quickly. I got so scared that I stopped spamming and did what I used to do, now I’m almost at 2 million monthly views! Spamming on instagram is not cool either but I heard some people are good at it.

6. Don’t buy anything!

Okay buy some things – but only the important things, like:
  • siteground hosting (almost $100, which gives you access to tons of free themes, more ways to monetize your blog to make that moola, and more ways to be creative. Also, you OWN your site!)
  • maybe a $2 theme like mine so that you can have fun with your blog? (i got mine on creative market!)
There’s tons of e-books and programs bloggers say you need to succeed but I think you need to do your research first. Some people have full time jobs so they can buy lots more while trying to make a successful blog. Make use of free programs first, then decide if an e-book or program is truly needed! I really only spent my money on hosting and a $2 theme, you can do it too!

7. Health Wealth Love and Happiness

All the posts people care about most is retaining to health wealth and happiness. You can never go wrong with sharing important posts about these four topics. Lots of people are interested in fashion and beauty as well but if you really can’t think of anything else, try finding a niche in one of these four topics.

8.  Old posts need to be updated

I noticed a lot of my old posts had a lot of attention so you just gotta go back and edit that thing! edit them so that they can rank high on browsers like google, so you’re going to need to work on the SEO of those posts.

9. WordPress and Siteground go hand in hand

I started on squarespace just to try it out, but gosh I don’t know what i would be doing now other than working a real job lol. With wordpress you get this whole community of readers and bloggers to connect with and who will easily read your blog because it’s right in front of them. Now Siteground is just icing on the cake because of their amazing install process. If you need to set up a blog with siteground, click here!

10. Have a Workflow

Use a specific journal to jot things down quickly. If you’re not the type to like using paper, make a cute note pad in your phone. I recommend your regular phone’s note app. Honestly I’ve tried many other apps but I settled with Samsung Notes because there’s no decend android app for keeping notes. I’m really picky to be honest. I also use trello when I’m on my laptop, so I recommend that one too. Here’s my workflow:
  • Create a to-do list for the week
  • Go on Pinterest to promote, pin and follow daily
  • Fix old posts, work on future blog posts
  • respond to comments, comment on other bloggers posts
  • Make posts with affiliate links / apply to affiliates or share some on blog posts and pinterest
Something like that, my notes are kind of all over right now. Anyways, without a list, you won’t know what to do everyday. Although, it is nice to just do whatever you want for that day and be carefree.

11. Make an email list, now!

This is a new goal I have to make an email list and share content on their too.. You can make many forms on wordpress/siteground like the one you see below which will link to your email! fill out the form below to join my list!

Enter a cute world with soyvirgo!

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Thanks for reading 11 things i learned in 1 year of blogging

Let me know what you have learned from blogging. Is there anything you want to learn? How long have you been a blogger for?

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