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Good morning familia

On August 20, 2018, I finally hit 1 million views on pinterest!

It makes me so happy because a few hours before I was at 814k and it wouldn’t go up every time I checked. I thought it would take at least another month to reach that goal.

I’m realizing followers don’t really matter, but the views and engagement do. Followers can definitely help, but they’re not what you really need to focus on. Since not every one of your followers engage in your posts, you’re going to have to get the extra help from other places. In this case, views and engagement from a whole bunch of other pinterest users.

I also realized the numbers don’t grow if you’re constantly checking. So, give yourself some care, and stop checking every few hours lol (note to self).

My tip is to just act like you already made 1 million views. Be proud of what you’ve done so far in terms of blogging and you will get to where you want to be sooner.

One method to help you reach 1 million Pinterest views

The one method that really helped me was using Tailwind. It has boards with thousands of Pinners, who will share your posts to their Pinterest. I was lucky to have some posts repinned by people who have millions of monthly viewers.

So, join Tailwind! Just posting three of my pins on there has helped me get more views and followers so quickly. (it’s free too)

Once you register, join these boards!

Why engagement matters more than followers

Engagement means people are leaving a comment, saving, liking or clicking on pins. Something like that, I’m no expert.

My monthly engagement on Pinterest is 65,000 as of August 23. I’m excited reach 1 million monthly engagement because I think that might make my blog engagement and views grow too. The main thing is making blog posts go viral (on Pinterest). So I have to start working harder on that now too.

I know my writing is sloppy but that’s how I write my goals down. I should make them cuter since I’m sharing them with ya’ll lol

Anyways, reaching 1 million views on Pinterest was one of my blog goals so I’m so happy I can check it off my list.

Goals from July to August:

  • Reach 1 million monthly Pinterest views ✔
  • Reach 50k ✔
  • 500 followers on Pin ✔
  • 305 IG followers  (IG isn’t as important as my blog right now *excuses*)
  • 50-100 daily blog views (I did meet this goal *yay*, but not every single day)
  • 300 wordpress follows (getting follows isn’t that important anyway *cries*)
  • Build my community of 1,000 true followers (I can def check this off by next year)
  • Save $500-1k ✔

Anytime I don’t reach a goal, I just make sure to make it a goal for the next month or deadline. Only if it’s it still has meaning. image

August – September goals:

  • save 3k – 5k  (you can manifest whatever you put your mind to lol)
  • 1k Pinterest follows (my followers are growing fast, so i think i can make it)
  • 1m engagement on Pinterest (im reaching now aren’t I?)
  • 330 IG follows (Ig is not that important right now anyway lol)
  • 100+ daily blog views (I know now that i can reach this for about a week so i dont doubt i can make this an everyday thing)
  • Make $200+ from blogging 1 m on pinterest
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Thanks for reading  how to 1 million Pinterest views a month

do u use pinterest and what do you use it for!

What goals are you guys trying to achieve this month?


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